Lainanhakijat syynätään tarkasti ja usein kulutusluotolle tarvitaan kattavat vakuudet, tai takaaja, jotta laina voidaan myöntää

There, deep sections alternate with banks and islands which split the bay into several parts. Lainanhakijat syynätään tarkasti ja usein kulutusluotolle tarvitaan kattavat vakuudet, tai takaaja, jotta laina voidaan myöntää. In the summer, there are daily boat connections to the island from Petrozavodsk. The lake freezes near the coast and bays in late November and December and around mid-January in its center. In addition, passenger ships go on the route Petrozavodsk – Shala.Sailing is a popular activity on the lake and there is a sailing club in Petrozavodsk.

Other large islands are Big Lelikovsky and Suysari. Whereas the area of the lake used to be clean, the pollution level is gradually increasing, especially in the northwestern and northern parts which contain the industrial facilities of Petrozavodsk, Kondopoga and Medvezhyegorsk. Kuinka joustolaina saadaan?. The Volga–Baltic Waterway connects Onega Lake with the Volga River, Caspian Sea and Black Sea. The highest water level is in June–August and the lowest is in March–April. They are therefore swampy and are rich in reed, hosting ducks, geese and swans. The coastal region is covered with dense virgin forests. The regatta has international status.

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. The main attraction of the lake is the island of Kizhi in the northern part of the lake, which is a State Historical, Architectural and Ethnographic Preservation Area. The canal was part of the Mariinsk Canal System, a forerunner of the Volga–Baltic Waterway, and aimed to create a quiet pass for boats avoiding the stormy waters of the lake. Many other historical monuments are scattered around the lake. Its southern banks are mostly low and continuous, whereas northern banks are rocky and rugged. These canals allow water transport of goods from the lake to the countries from Germany to Iran; most traffic goes to Finland, Sweden, Germany and Denmark. The lake banks are low and are flooded with raising water level. They are run by hydrofoil and motor ships and are used for passenger transport as well.

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. They include Svyat-Uspensky monastery on the cape of Murom, on the eastern shore of the lake. The Onega Canal running along the southern shore of the lake there is not used at present. They contain numerous elongated bays shaping the lake into a giant crayfish. almost the same as those of Onega Lake. The retreat of the Ice Age glaciers formed the Littorina Sea. The White Sea–Baltic Canal runs through the lake from the White Sea to the Baltic Sea. Kirjoita ylös kaikki velkasi pienimmästä suurimpaan. The bottom has a very uneven profile, it is covered with silt, and contains numerous trenches of various size and shape in the northern part. During the World War II, for three years this area was occupied by the Finnish forces and was a place of busy military activities. All the shores there are rocky. The only outgoing River Svir, which marks the southern boundary of Karelia, runs from the southwestern shore of Lake Onega to Lake Ladoga and continues as the Neva River to the Gulf of Finland. In the bays, the visibility may decrease to about a meter. Tämä säästää sinulta rahaa ja tekee elämästäsi paljon helpompaa ja stressittömämpää. Thawing starts in April in the tributaries and reaches the lake in May. To the east of Zaonezhye there is a bay, northern part of which is called Povenetsky Bay and the southern part is Zaonezhsky Bay. The trenches are separated by large shallow banks